The concept vehicle shown below is a first design which would potentially allow an indigenous entrepreneur to sell either clean water at the customer home, or sell clean water where the locals go for their water source. The hand truck would preferably be a locally obtained item, and the bucket holders would initially be imported with an eye to have it also locally produced later. Said vehicle allows rapid filtration of pathogen laden water through the use of multiple Sawyer filters installed into the filtration bucket (top bucket), which then enters the clean water vessel below through a rubber stopper positioned at the neck of the bottle below. The mobility of the vehicle allows relatively effortless visitations to customers without the need to actually carry water himself, although that option is there in the event the customer does not have access to water.  





                Clamp-on bucket holder                      Close-up mounted bucket holder

  Generic hand truck





station_with_clean_water_vessel       station_with_filtration_bucket

    Bucket holder installed                                         Station with filtration                               Filtration station with clean  vessel